Your Girl

Someone once said that the fastest way to get to know someone’s personality is to find out when they want to get to the airport. Do they get there early? Just on time? Plan the night before? Can’t find their passport ten minutes before they’re about to leave?

…You’re not going to get any of that information here. At least buy me dinner first.

Instead, meet the author of LTKA, M. M is your guide through this nonsense. M is using a letter instead of a name because it sounds cool and James-Bond-esque. M is, among many other things:

  • Apt to buy too many types of tea that she will try once and then forget about at the back of the cupboard
  • Allergic to colour
  • Always cold, and will absolutely touch the back of your neck with her vampire ice hands
  • Terrible at watching TV shows unless it’s in an 18-hour Netflix binge
  • Equally terrible at seeing movies she very much wants to see until they come out on DVD
  • Prone to having Moments that begin with doing a few dishes and end six hours later having completely deep cleaned the house, the yard, and probably the neighbour’s house
  • In the middle of a love-hate relationship with her job as a preschool teacher, and childcare as an institution as a whole

M has worked everywhere from catering private weddings to selling singing chickens, and few things have even touched how absolutely wild childcare is. These are her stories. (Insert that funky Law and Order DUN-DUN sound here.)

Want to know more? Browse around for stories about M’s life, the lives of the small humans she gets paid to look after, and some unsolicited (but should-be-solicited) advice about how to make it all work together.