What is this blog about?


Who’s M?

Your girl, right here. It can also be spelled Em, if you like, but M is way more James Bond.

He knows.

And what makes you so qualified to talk about this stuff? You don’t even have kids!

True. And trust me, no one is more thrilled than I am that I don’t have kids. But you know while you’re at work, killing it in your career? (Or going to the gym and pretending to be at work. Don’t think I don’t see you.) I’m here. Raising your kid for you.

You’re welcome.

That still doesn’t make you as qualified as a Real Mother©!

Okay first of all, I don’t want to be a mother…we just covered that? And second, who gives anyone the authority to say what a “Real Mother” looks like? 

I don’t like the way you talk about (children, people, childcare, motherhood, etc.) on here!

That’s not even a question.

Why do you have a website like this if you’re in childcare? You must hate children!

False. I love children. I have dedicated my life and my career to them, to their betterment, growth, and wellbeing. I think they’re hilarious, and smart, and adorable, and straight-up bubbling with all kinds of potential. That way they look at you when you’ve taught them something new? Fuckin’ brilliant.

I ALSO think that they’re stupid, annoying, spoiled, disgusting (they LEAK!), and are a product of the society they’re being raised in, as well as of the parents and families that coddle them.

You don’t have the right to make commentary on my parenting styles!

Pretty sure I already have. Your right to be a parent does not give you the right to do so without criticism. Raising your child(ren) does not exist in a vacuum.